European Olives every day, every way

European Olives every day, every way

You may have already tried Manzanilla, Gordal and Hojiblanca European olives on their own as delicious snack. And you may be familiar with the amazing variety of olive marinades and stuffings (think lemon or orange rinds, nuts, or cheese).

But to experience the full flavour profile European olives deliver, you’ll also want to explore the many ways they give a savory boost to all kinds of dishes and meals.

From quick lunches to gloriously indulgent main courses and — yes! — even desert, European olives bring a lot to the table at every meal.

To crank up the umami in your grilled cheese sandwiches, just chop some up olives, mix them in with grated cheese, and cook them up following your preferred method. With countless ways to combine different types of cheese with Manzanilla, Gordal and Hojiblanca European olive varieties, your grilled cheese will never be ho-hum again.

You can also take your lunch up to another whole level this ultimate sandwich with hojiblanca olives.

Impressive Main Courses
European olives have long been integral to the depth of flavour of classic stews. For foodies, seasoned home cooks looking for new dishes to explore as well as folks just starting to get into home cooking, stews and braises are all about impressive, rich flavours and sumptuous flavours that belie their simplicity.

Much of the magic of stews and braises like this beef eggplant and gordal olive ragu or this braised chicken with fennel lemon and hojiblanca olives takes place in the simmering. In other words, the cook’s job is to assemble the ingredients, get them up to a simmer, and then…leave them alone to let the flavours “marry.”

Or, if you’re looking for something with a shorter cooking time, a classic combo of European olives and pasta, such this Spanish-style pasta sauce with chorizo and Hojiblanca olives, comes together easily and deliciously.

Although the sweet and savory pairing in this hojiblanca olive pine nut brownie recipe and these black hojiblanca olive chip biscuits may seem surprising at first, just think of salty/sweet caramel or chocolate covered pretzels. They might turn out to be a new surprise favourite.

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Enjoy! It’s from Europe!