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Hojiblanca olives


white leaf

Picked at its mature state, this fairly large olive has a firm pulp and is one of the most popular black table olives. Its skin is thicker than other olive varieties, and its colour ranges from deep purple to black. Hojiblanca means “white leaf” in Spanish, in reference to the silvery shade of the tree’s leaves. Other denominations for this variety of olives include Casta de Cabra, Casta de Lacena and Lucentino. And while the Hojiblanca contains only a small amount of oil, it is still used for olive oil production because of its high quality. It belongs to the rare category of dual-purpose olives that are processed for both olive oil and eating.

Dark Hojiblanca carrousel

Gordal, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca Olive Empanadas with Olive Crust


should I eat it?

The Hojiblanca is distinguished by its fresh aromas and the predominance of grassy and fruity flavours. It leaves a pleasant almond-like aftertaste with a hint of bitterness, which makes it deliciously suitable for marinades, stews, or even a snack all on its own!

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